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Front-end Developer (m/f)

Interested? Please send your CV and a short cover letter to Katrin Schuhmacher.

The position

We are looking for a smart, self-motivated front-end developer to strengthen our team. You’ll be working on the heart of our platform, the user application, creating a great user experience.

Combining design and implementation is your mindset; only together you can build the best solutions for our users. Your focus lies on the front-end development, but you are curious about all developments in the team. Furthermore, you’ll make technical decisions and enable the further growth of the company with your expertise and solutions.

About You

  • You have advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills; interests and working experience with React is a plus.
  • You care about all details to impact the user experience, and you strive to handle all of them.
  • You can visualize and test ideas quickly with working prototypes.
  • You have a good understanding of current best practices in frontend development.
  • You care about software: “How it is done is as important as having it done”.
  • You leave no stone left unturned when you are on the hunt for solutions.
  • You are passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience among the team. We expect that you drive innovations and that your work delivers value for the company and your peers.

What technology do we use?

Our complete web stack is build on top of JavaScript. Our single-page web apps are powered by React and ecosystem. Even so React is still young, we are totally convinced that it boosts our results and progress.We use Sass to develop solid and maintainable CSS. Combined with Webpack it finds its way into encapsulated components.

All our applications are fueled with data by our Node.js services on the backend. Beside the specific technologies, we regularly reevaluate our decisions to make sure that we always enable the further growth and success of the company.

Your benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • 10% time policy: You are free to work 10% of your time on open source, blog articles and other fancy ideas and stuff. Check out our engineering blog.
  • Working in a startup which supports bloggers turning their passion into a business
  • Building the foundation for a globally scalable product
  • Freedom to bring in your ideas and vision
  • Working with bleeding edge technologies

The Engineering Blog

Do you want to get more insights about the engineering team? Check out our engineering blog. Go to the Blog

How to Apply

Please send your CV and a short cover letter to Katrin Schuhmacher:

Apply via Email

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