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We offer you a range of sponsored posts. You decide which campaign you’d like to join.

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We offer regular deals: Long-term cooperations with monthly fixed sums, premium campaigns that pay per click or thousand views. Get into business with an affiliate partner and bypass the tedious application process by partnering with blogfoster.

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blogfoster provides a simple tool for bloggers to manage their banner ad campaigns and sponsored posts.

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Forget about HTML and CSS. Drag & drop ads into your blog – because blogfoster speaks your language.

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Scroll through the potential cooperations with zero effort on your behalf. Choose from over 2,000 available banners in our banner store.

Billing & Payments

We pay out your earnings on a monthly basis, no minimum amount required.

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Only you decide which banners you want to display on your page.

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Whether you use Wordpress, blogger.com or tumblr: blogfoster works with every blog software and on any HTML website.

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Choose the most appropriate banners for your readers in the banner shop and drag them to your blog. That’s it.

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A blogfoster account is totally free. With additional pro-features you can optimize the banner management.