Questions and answers

blogfoster offers you various opportunities to make money with your blog or social media channels. We match you with brands so you can get rewarded for your creativity. We handle communications with the brand, including campaign support, reporting and payment. This way, you can focus on interesting collaborations and creating great content.
blogfoster is not a blogging platform. We help bloggers and influencers to make money from their existing channels.
We currently provide campaigns for blogs and Instagram but we are continually adding new channels.
An account at blogfoster is free of charge and has neither minimum durations or contractual ties. You always see how much revenue you can make for each campaign.
We are constantly working with various international and national brands across of fashion, food, family, sports, travel, tech, etc. A selection of brands we have already worked with Unilever, Topshop, The Body Shop, Boden, Fossil, Hello Fresh and Ferrero.
Our website is currently being optimised for mobile devices. You can use our platform with limited functionality on smartphones and tablets, but we recommend logging in with a desktop computer.
There are a number of reasons you may not be able to access campaigns:

1. Your channel has not yet been fully integrated

Connect your blog or instagram channel to take part in campaigns with blogfoster. Check if your blog has been correctly connected under the Channels Section. To take part in campaigns, you have to integrate blogfoster Insights into your blog and/or Instagram channel.

2. Your data is not synchronised yet

The data fetching takes max. five minutes for instagram and three days for blogs. Once you have integrated Insights check back then to see your data and start applying for campaigns.

3. The requirements for the campaigns are not met

To participate in most blog campaigns you will need at least 5,000 monthly page impressions and 1,000 followers for Instagram campaigns.

4. No campaigns available

In rare cases, there may be no campaigns for your category available at the moment. Please be patient and check back again as we are always adding new campaigns to our platform

If you don't feel that any of the above applies to you and you still can't apply to campaigns, please contact the support team via
1. The minimum requirements for collaborations tend to be:
- Blogs: 5,000 monthly page views
- Instagram: 1,000 followers
2. For some blog-campaigns there is the requirement of a minimum share for traffic coming from a specific country
If you need to change your email in the blogfoster system, send an email to and we will do it for you. Remember to include both your old and new email addresses.
If you need to change your URL in the blogfoster system, send an email to and we will do it for you. Remember to include your old and new URLs.
You receive your website ID when you first integrate your blog. If you need it at a later stage, send a message to and we will send it to you again.
When you log into your blogfoster account, you can discover exciting campaigns that match your channels.

You always see how much you can earn in each collaboration. In order to participate in a campaign, simply apply by writing a pitch and submitting your application.

We forward your application to the brand. If your channel has been selected for the sponsored campaign, our campaigns team will get in contact with you. At the end of a collaboration, we will send an invoice to your blogfoster account and transfer the revenue to your bank account.
For each application sent, you will receive an email informing you whether you have been selected for acampaign or not. There is no set amount of time for this process but we will inform you about the status of your application as soon as the brand has made its selection. You can also check on the campaign status in your account at any time.
Every collaboration has its own campaign manager. If you have any questions about the campaign, address them directly to the responsible campaign manager or to
Each brand makes the final decision about whether you have been selected for a campaign or not. You can see the status of your applications under “My Campaigns”. A good, meaningful pitch also increases your chances of being selected by the customer. Read check out these tips on how to write a great pitch.
We will do our best to inform you about any delays. If your preview has already been submitted, the publication date may be changed. If you have any questions then please get in touch with
As known from print media, advertising must be legally marked, otherwise it is surreptitious advertising. This also applies to the online section. Therefore, all contributions to blogfoster must be clearly marked as advertising. Links to advertisers must be consistently declared as no-follow.
Once you have handed in your pitch, it is not possible to change it in the platform. If there is something important you need to add or change, then send an email to:
For Instagram collaborations, you can directly upload your preview picture and caption to the blogfoster system. For blog campaigns, see the following tutorial:
For some blog campaigns you may need to integrate a visual or CTA into your blog post, which contains a tracking link. Insert the visual as an image, add a link in the image setting. In the editor view you can add the no-follow attribute to the link.
We update you with campaigns that match your profile when you sign up. However, if you have not fully integrated your channels, you will not be able to view or apply for the campaign. If you have received an email about a campaign but cannot see it in the platform, then please ensure you have integrated all relevant channels and then check back again. Blogs take a minimum of three days to integrate while Instagram accounts take no longer than 5 minutes.
If you're taking part in a campaign where products have to be sent, you will be asked to fill in your address. Please consider beforehand which address will be relevant for the time of the campaign.
This depends entirely on you and your social channels. At blogfoster you are in control. If you meet the criteria, you decide how many and which campaigns you want to participate in. It is possible to make a regular monthly income from collaborations via the blogfoster platform. Before handing in a pitch you will see the price for a campaign. Just connect your channels to see how much you could make.
If you do campaigns with blogfoster, we will create a PDF credit note for you at the end of each month. This credit will be transferred to your account after 45 days at the latest. If you work continuously with us, this period will be shortened and we will transfer your income faster. Here you can find the rules:

If you work with us for the first time, you will already receive your transfer after 31 days.
If you have implemented 3 consecutive months of campaigns with blogfoster, you will receive the payment of the credit already after 15 days.
If you have received 2 credits in the last 3 months, you will receive your payment after 31 days.
If you have only worked with us once in the last 3 months, you will receive your payout after 45 days.
In your blogfoster account settings, you have the option to select Yes or No to VAT under 'Accounting'.
Yes: You are liable for VAT and have a tax ID number or Sales tax identification number. Your invoices will be issued with VAT.
No: You are not liable for VAT because you are a small business and didn't opt for VAT. Your invoices will be issued without VAT.