Information about the usage of blogfoster Insights

To be able to use blogfoster successfully, you have to add a script to your website in order to measure the success of sponsored articles. This script has been partially developed by blogfoster but mostly uses code from other companies

As the operator of your blog, you are under the responsibility of the data protection authority to inform your site visitors “in a generally comprehensible form” at the beginning of the usage process about the type, scope, and purpose of the collection and use of personal data. In practice, this obligation also includes information on the web analytics tools and comparable technologies used. In order to make it a bit easier for you as a blogfoster user, we will give you an overview of the technologies used and make a suggestion for the language that you can implement in your privacy policy. For the implementation, simply insert the following code at the appropriate location into the HTML of your privacy statement.

Before doing this, please read the following note:

The proposed text passages are information about certain technical facts, which are part of our offer for you as a blogfoster user. Whether or not you are able to complete your information requirements from the perspective of the relevant data protection authority or in other legal respects, and / or which information you may need to supplement, we can not and do not want to assess. We therefore, do not assume any appropriate warranty or liability.

Information for your readers

Embed this code into your page to inform your readers of the technologies used.


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