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What is blogfoster insights

blogfoster Insights is an analytical tool developed by blogfoster that collects certain data from your channels (blog, Instagram, Youtube and more). You can view this data in your Account under the menu item Insights.

In the context of the new data protection regulation blogs take on a special role with regards to blogfoster Insights. For this reason, we have divided the answers into insights for blogs and insights for social media channels in the following FAQ.

General information about blogfoster Insights

In order to run successful campaigns, we need to know in advance how many readers are visiting your blog, how many people are following your social channels and interacting with your content. This is important because only then can we offer you a fair compensation and can suggest you for suitable campaigns. So if you’re interested in applying for campaigns on blogfoster, you should integrate blogfoster insights into your blog or connect your social channels.
For the collection of statistical data for the execution of campaigns, the basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) GDPR data required for contract purposes or on the basis of legitimate interests acc. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. DSGVO for efficient and effective operation of our business operations.
blogfoster Insights does not process or store personal data which would allow identification of website visitors, such as name, address, etc.

One exception is blogfoster Insights for Blogs: By including blogfoster Insights on a blog, the system receives calls from web browsers and thus Access to IP addresses of your website visitors. blogfoster Insights anonymizes them immediately after the survey and saves them anonymously. After that, the IP addresses are only available in masked form and a potential inference to an identity is no longer possible.
We offer a data processing contract. The data processing contract is automatically part of the general terms and conditions for influencers. On this page you can view the data processing contract: data-processing . If you create an account on blogfoster and accept the terms and conditions, you have a data processing contract with blogfoster.
Yes, but this rule only applies if you integrate Insights into your blog. Since you incorporate a third-party analysis tool, you must provide a notice in your privacy policy and an opt-out. We have prepared a notice that can be integrated into your privacy policy via an iframe, you can find it here. This also includes an opt-out for your blog readers.
We do not pass on data unauthorized to third parties. For the execution of campaigns, we only pass on the total reach of your blog or your social channels to the brand. The disclosure of this information is necessary to make a decision for the campaign participation of an influencer.

We use Amazon Web Services to run blogfoster Insights. The entire system and the data are processed and stored in a German computer center in Frankfurt. Since Amazon Web Services acts as a data verifier, we have a data processing agreement with the service partner. </ P> </div> </div> </div> </div> ### blogfoster Insights for Blogs

How you install blogfoster Insights depends on what software you use to host your blog. You will find a tutorial after connecting your channel.
Below is a list of the key data points that blogfoster Insights measures on your blog:

  • Page views
  • Reading time on the blog
  • Visits
  • Unique visitors [only the number; no identities]
  • references
  • actions per visit
  • Bounce Rate
  • Devices
  • Countries
  • time distribution of visits
  • City
  • Visited Pages
  • Search terms on search engines
  • </ ul>

    An overview of this data is also available to the influencer directly in the user application after a blog has been integrated into blogfoster Insights. </ p> </div> </div> </div>

    For the processing of blog campaigns, you must also include a counting pixel in the article. This counting pixel shows blogfoster insights exactly where data needs to be collected. An extra privacy policy is no longer necessary from May 25, 2018.
    No, no way: Insights is built so that the script loads asynchronously. In other words, your content will load from us uninfluenced as fast as if the script was not integrated.
    The deinstallation is done by removing the so-called snippet code from the blog. After that, no further data will flow from your blog to blogfoster.
    </div> ### blogfoster Insights for social channels
    You can easily install blogfoster Insights for Pinterest and Twitter by logging into your account via our interface. So you grant blogfoster access to your followers and interaction data.
    For this we process and save only the data, which is publicly accessible on the respective profiles. Depending on the platform, for example:

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