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What is blogfoster insights

blogfoster Insights is an analytical tool developed by blogfoster that collects certain data from your channels (blog, Instagram, Youtube and more). You can view this data in your Account under the menu item Insights.

In the context of the new data protection regulation blogs take on a special role with regards to blogfoster Insights. For this reason, we have divided the answers into insights for blogs and insights for social media channels in the following FAQ.

blogfoster Insights for Blogs Version (Google Analytics Integration)

In order to run successful campaigns, we need to know in advance how many readers are visiting your blog, how many people are following your social channels and interacting with your content. This is important because only then can we offer you a fair compensation and can suggest you for suitable campaigns. So if you’re interested in applying for campaigns on blogfoster, you should integrate blogfoster insights into your blog or connect your social channels.
No. blogfoster Insights does not process or store personal data which would allow identification of website visitors, such as name, address, etc. We only receive anonymized data like the overall number of visits or follwoers.
No. We are not processing personal identifiable data for you, therefor a contract is not necessary.
No, you do not need a specific notice to use blogfoster Insights. But of course you need a hint for the integration of Google Analytics.
For blogfoster Insights: No. We do not collect any personally identifiable information from your Google Analytics account. However, you need to know if you need a cookie opt-in for your Google Analytics integration on your blog.

blogfoster Insights for social channels

You can easily install blogfoster Insights for Pinterest and Twitter by logging into your account via our interface. So you grant blogfoster access to your followers and interaction data.
For this we process and save only the data, which is publicly accessible on the respective profiles. Depending on the platform, for example:

  • number of followers
  • number of posts or videos
  • number of people followed
  • Number of interactions (comments or likes)
  • Demographics of your followers (anonymized)
No. Although we receive information about the demographics of your social media channels, they do not allow any conclusions to be drawn to individuals.
By deleting your social media channels in your account, they are no longer linked to blogfoster Insights.

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