Test. Develop. Grow.

At blogfoster we nurture craftspeople, not just engineers.

Team & Culture

Sarah Strozynski Product Manager

Can Göktas Junior Software Engineer

Alexander Beletsky Lead Architect

Dominic Umbeer CTO

Alexander Springer Software Engineer

Sebastian Rauer UX Designer

Simon Staib CPO

You Join Us

What defines a great engineering culture?

As part of the blogfoster engineering team, we believe a great culture focuses on:

Personal development:

Although we work in a team, and this is very important to us, every individual within the team has expectations, goals and needs. Ensuring these get fulfilled is very important to us to ensure that everyone feels satisfied in their role.

Team & Relationship:

While a good work-life balance is important to us, we can often spend more time with our colleagues than our families and friends. Therefore, we all do our best to ensure that the team and office maintain a friendly, respectful and secure atmosphere and environment.


We continually work towards achieving the business vision and goals. We don't build solutions for ourselves alone; we want to fulfill the needs of our customers. We strive to get the right balance between quality and speed, to meet expectations in the most efficient way possible.

What do we do to achieve a great company culture?

Since the beginning of blogfoster, we understand that software engineering is a craft. One that we want our engineers to keep perfecting. That’s why we have introduced the 10% rule.

Everybody in the team is free to spend 10% of their work time on innovative ideas and technologies that interest them, such as open source and thought leadership.

Beyond that, we hold regular team events, including hackathons, sports, meetups and BBQs (check the pictures ;))

We also run internal talks and sessions to expand and deepen our knowledge of technologies or software craftsmanship. You can find some of these on our Youtube Channel.

Tech Culture in Startups

Working in a tech startup as an engineer requires a unique mindset. Alex gives a broad overview of the daily challenges and skills that are necessary and valuable.

Intro to RxJS

Reactive programming is a well known asynchronous programming paradigm that finds application in many languages. Sean gives us an insightful introduction into RxJS, the implementation in JavaScript.

Engineering Core Values

We Are Team Focused

We only succeed as a team! Therefore, we care deeply about our relationship with our colleagues. Respect, trust, support, and mentoring are the key drivers of our team culture and achievements. We celebrate our successes and support one another through challenging circumstance.

We Don't Place Blame,
We Find Solutions

It’s easy to find fault, the real challenge is finding solutions. As engineers, coming up with new approaches comes naturally to us. This is the same way we approach teamwork. Instead of problems, we focus on coming up with solutions.

We Take Ownership

We are responsible for our solutions and our behavior. Don't search for excuses. Getting things done and taking full ownership of our deliverables is the baseline of a professional style. Shit can and will happen, and when it does, we take full responsibility and find ways to fix it.

The Position

We are looking for a smart, self-motivated software engineer to strengthen our development team. Your preferred programming language is JavaScript and you are excited about the latest developments in that area just as we are.

You’re going to work on the whole platform from our single-page web apps to our Node.js backend service. You are always keen to challenge the existing and try to improve it by making technical decisions and introducing best practices.

Furthermore, you enjoy working in a small team that tries to operate agile and without much overhead. Having result-oriented discussions with your peers to find the best solutions is your daily routine.

About You

  • You should have advanced JavaScript skills.
  • You have experience with Node.js. Interests in React, Hapi.js or Express.js would make the onboarding easier ;)
  • You write well-tested and robust code.
  • You have a good understanding of modern JavaScript best practices.
  • You care about software: “How it is done is as important as having it done”.
  • You leave no stone left unturned when you are on the hunt for solutions. New problems occur every day and sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone to solve them.
  • You are passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience among the team.
  • You don’t accept the given; you strive always for innovative solutions that pushes the company and your peers.

Your continual learning and personal development is important at blogfoster. It forms a core part of our engineering culture. To help foster that, we have introduced a 10% rule that lets you work on topics and technologies that don't necessarily relate to work projects.

Mentoring is another important part of personal growth. We support each other in the team to grow and improve as engineers. Additionally, we reprocess situations and solutions together in 1-on-1s to constantly create awareness of our daily work and behaviour.

We regularly have internal talks and sessions across a number of interesting topics, e.g. Tech Culture in Startups or RxJs. Additionally, the whole team goes to technology meetups once a month.

Our goal is to have a process that is fair, transparent and fast without loosing the quality in the middle. That in mind, we have defined the following structure:

The process is designed to help us to get to know each other. Depending on candidate, we may change the order or even skip some steps.

You can help to speed up the hiring process by providing us with as much information as possible, that gives us a better understanding of your skills, personality and values.

Do you work on any pet projects? Is there anything that you are really proud of? Any examples that underline your coding skills?

Additionally, please be responsive during the hiring process for setting up meetings and answering additional questions.

We try to ensure that the hiring process goes as smoothly as possible and your support is appreciated.

Coding is your daily business and we want to understand your abilities.

Of course, we know that it is a time investment on your side. In return, we will spend time reviewing your code carefully and will provide you with detailed feedback.

The engineering team, like the company, is international. We have people from 5 different countries and English is our office language - we also speak German if you wish ;)

We embrace a full-stack approach for working on our web platform. Developers work on both sides to accomplish features and tasks.

We don't support full remote work at the moment.